“I find strength and comfort in the physical intimacy with the land, a sense of knowing the names of the rocks and knowing my place in the world.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

I like to sit quietly and let the natural world surround me. I experience nature not by watching a documentary on television or by seeing trees streak past through a car window, but by living in it. My senses become heightened and in tune with the subtle variations that occur as the day progresses and conditions change. I search for the aesthetic elements of the natural world. My work comes from my fascination and respect for nature. I study its facets in order to better understand it and myself. Through my photographs I hope to share with others my process of understanding.

The greatest influences on my work have come from my parents. My father, an avid outdoorsman, taught me to enjoy nature by immersing in it. My mother, with her artistic eye and formal art education training, taught me to examine the world from an artistic perspective.

While I did not initially pursue art as a career, I did take as many art classes as possible in high school and college. My introduction to formal photography training came in the darkroom at Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer, Alaska. I later transferred to the University of Missouri-Columbia to pursue photojournalism. After school, my time in the United States Air Force gave me the opportunity to travel and photograph in a wide range of locations, from the Texas’s Big Country to Iraq’s Al Anbar Province. The Air Force also let me earn a master’s in business. And now I’m back home in Alaska, combining my skills to create a successful art photography career in a place I love.

I truly enjoy being part of the local art and small business communities. I am a board member with the Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers (ASONP.org) currently serving as coordinator for alaskaWILD, ASONP's annual statewide photography competition. I am also an active member of the Alaska chapter of Rising Tide, a collaboration-focused small business networking group (AK Rising Tide's Facebook page). I have met and collaborated with many inspiring creative entrepreneurs and I look forward to seeing where our shared goals will take us.


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